The Drew Mariani Show October 8th – Hour 1

  • The aftermath on the Kavanaugh hearings has led to much protest and division within the country, and some claim that there are even demonic undertones present within the chants and violence. Drew looks into this and talks about the need to pray for our nation, and to stand for life even when others claim that abortion is a “right.” Ben Shapiro also claims that the effort to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice was simply to protect Roe v. Wade. Do you agree?
  • Marion Mulhall is someone who has dedicated her life to promoting the priesthood ‘at any price.’ She visits with Drew to talk about her ministry, work in promoting vocations, and why the laity must take it upon ourselves to join and support this effort.
  • Fr. Chris Alar on the Anniversary of St. John Paul II entrusting the Third Millennium to our Lady.