The Drew Mariani Show October 9th – Hour 3

  • Have you heard about a rare-Polio like disease that is affecting those in Minnesota? There have been six reported outbreaks in this area, and health experts have not specifically pin-pointed a direct cause. It’s called Acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM. Get connected on what is known and what can be done to keep your children safe. Dr. Bob Tiballi talks about this and other health news.
  • First was Hurricane Florence; now it is Hurricane Michael that is threatening to hit the United States. The hurricane is now a category 3 storm that has 120 mile per hour winds, and is expected to hit the Florida Panhandle in the next coming days. It is not clear right now how far inland the storm will hit. Mike Maguire gives you the latest on the storm and what to expect from it.
  • Are you good with handling your money? What about your spouse? Money management is very difficult for many people and most people don’t ever talk about money management with their spouse. It is something that can really hurt and hinder relationships and marriages. Financial strife is one of leading causes of divorce and couples need to talk about it. One woman had no idea that her husband was spending her own money; read hereMary Brunson explains the importance of talking about money management within relationships and marriage and how to properly handle your money.