Father Simon Says for November 27, 2018

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the Book of Revelation being like a wedding, and Jesus’s prophesy of the destruction of Jerusalem.

Email Question- When does criticizing the Church become heresy or schism?

Email Question- Does the word Basilea mean more than “royal nature”?

Caller Question- Could you give the citation in Josephus for the visions seen before the Seige of Jerusalem?

Caller Question- Don’t we have two strikes against us with Original Sin and our own inclinations to sin?

Caller Story- I asked my CCD kids what season it is, and one answered that it was the Winter Solstice.

Caller Questions- Why is there an obelisk in the Vatican? What is Liberation Theology?

Word of the Day- I AM.

Caller Question- Has there been fire damage to any of the old missions in California?

Email Question- Do you think the apple on the iPhone symbol is related to the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate?