Father Simon Says for November 23, 2018

(Encore Hour)

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the Gospels, being saved, being a missionary, and the Gospel passage of the woman anointing Christ’s feet.

Email Comment- I think that Adam and Eve are myths!

Email Comment- I don’t think the Protestant argument of “Do this in memory” disproves the Eucharist.

Caller Question- Do we know the name of the woman who anointed Jesus’s feet?

Caller Comment- I want to thank you for your work.

Caller Comment- I think people who leave the Church don’t understand what they are leaving.

Caller Question- When should we offer our intentions during Mass? How does that work?

Word of the Day- Abnormally.

Caller Question- How does God see the future?

Caller Question- Where do we get the Creation Story? How was it handed down to us?