Father Simon Says for November 28, 2018

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about prophecy and martyrdom.

Email Comments- You shouldn’t waste time watching cat videos. I never thought about the bite out of the apple on iPhones.

Email Story- A humorous story about a boy in my CCD class volunteered to say a prayer.

Email Comment- A person who comes more frequently to Confession knows themselves better.

Email Question- Can you explain the rule of Holy Days of Obligation that fall on Saturdays or Mondays?

Caller Question- Why do priests not talk about abortion from the pulpit?!

Caller Question- Why would my church omit “if you wish to be perfect” from the story of the Rich Young Man?

Caller Question- Is God still resting?

Caller Question- Do you have a simplified Theology of the Body recommendation?

Word of the Day- Like.

Caller Question- Why would a king tell his son to slay his enemies in Jesus’s parable?