Father Simon Says for November 29, 2018

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the destruction of Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation and in The Gospel of Luke.

Email Question- What is the difference between saying one Mass said for the deceased and enrolling a deceased person in a perpetual Mass society for a year?

Email Question- Is YHWH the real name of God the Father?

Deacon Chick O’Leary- Clarification on the different wording of the Story of the Rich Young Man in the different Gospels.

Caller Comment- I don’t think silence is necessary for reverence.

Caller Question- Do I need to make sacrifices in order to convert a soul?

Word of the Day- Gentiles.

Caller Question- How do I start reading the Divine Office? What distinguishes the 1962 Missal from other missals?

Caller Question- Which is worse: cohabitation or civil marriage?