Father Simon Says for November 30, 2018

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about being fishers of men and the “Once Saved, Always Saved” theory and free will.

Email Comment- I think people should use different responses when people say, “Happy Holidays!” instead of an angry “Merry Christmas!”

Email Question- I had an emotional affair with another man, and my husband won’t forgive me. How can I get him to forgive me?

Caller Question- How do I gently encourage people to go to Confession more frequently?

Caller Question- Why did Mary have so much confidence in Jesus at the Wedding at Cana?

Caller Question- Why would some of my Catholic friends get mad at me for donating to the Salvation Army?

Word of the Day- Andrew.

Caller Comment- I think that the husband refusing to forgive hurts his children too. And it comes from a place of pride.

Caller Question- Does the Salvation Army give money to Planned Parenthood?