St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, November 26, 2018

On today’s show:

  • Thanksgiving: It is all about the Sacraments! Father explains what we mean when we talk about Sacraments. People look for healing in different places. A song called “Weightless” was created to reduce anxiety by 65 percent. There is a television show that is going to be released, is trying to demonstrate healing for people. Kentucky Ayahuasca is the name of the show father talks about. Father shares a few problems he has with the show.
  • If something is not leading us to God, then there is a real problem there. Father talks about what it is like to have an experience of God. We are made in his image and likeness. We all have a desire to practice religion. There is a problem we fall into as Christians. Our relationship with God is not subjective to feelings.
  • Father discusses the NASA landing on Mars. I has been described as: “seven minutes of terror” before it landed. People spent years on this landing.  You and I need to look at Gods plan for us for holiness. It is so much greater than all of the sciences combined, it is the glory of God revealed.
  • Father was reading an article from the Atlantic talking about exorcisms in America. It looks about how exorcisms are on the rise within the United States also across the world. About 80 percent of people seeking help are sexual abuse survivors. Father shares a powerful experience he had over Thanksgiving. He talks about what the people affected by the fires need.