The Drew Mariani Show November 19th – Hour 1

  • Are you feeling broken and ready to give up because of pornography addiction? Maybe your spouse is enslaved and it is ruining your marriage. Kids younger than 9 are being exposed, and more than 50% of men depend on Viagra because of difficulties with initimacy. However there is always hope, and there is healing. Steve Pokorny is an example of that redemption, because he overcame a life of addiction to this sexual drug. He shares his testimony, and he reminds you that God wants you to be renewed and live a life of freedom.
  • Then, Bruce and Jeanne Hannemann give you practical tools to break free of porn, and they share that it is not enough to simply stop “cold turkey.” What truly makes the difference is by teaching the brain to be retooled and rewired. Misplaced sexual attraction is all formed by the brain at a certain point in your life, and when we are drowned in shame, we actually become more and more extreme and devient in what we look at. If you would like today to be the day that you begin to break free, you can visit their ministry at Don’t give up, and rely on the loving mercy of Christ in prayer.