The Drew Mariani Show November 19th – Hour 3

  • What do you make of the news that came out from the USCCB’s annual fall meeting? How do you feel about the Vatican asking the bishops to hold off on discussing the sex abuse scandal? Many of you are very frustrated in hearing this news. How have we allowed the smoke of Satan to infiltrate our Church so widely? Pope Paul VI once said, “We would say that, through some mysterious crack—no, it’s not mysterious; through some crack, the smoke of Satan has entered the Church of God. There is doubt, uncertainty, problems, unrest, dissatisfaction, confrontation. The Church is no longer trusted. We trust the first pagan prophet we see who speaks to us in some newspaper, and we run behind him and ask him if he has the formula for true life. I repeat, doubt has entered our conscience. And it entered through the windows that should have been open to the light: science.” So what is next for the Church? Phil Lawler gives you insight on how Satan penetrated our Church and what you can expect to see moving forward of the Church. Drew reminds you that despite the difficulties and hardships the Church is facing, we must cling to hope and remember that this is the Church that Jesus founded. Evil is being rooted out, and good will prevail.
  • With all of the mass shootings that have taken place, some are trying to identify what drives these people to commit such a terrible act. Could it be the way a person was raised, or abuse the shooter suffered in childhood? Ever heard of your microbiome? It is actually your wide community of microorganisms found in your intestines and skin. Dr. Sean O’Mara says it is around 30 trillion organisms, more than the amount of cells you have! He says the “healthier you are, the healthier your microbiome is.” So what if a person’s sequence of microbiome were to influence people to commit violence or sexual misbehavior? It’s not proven, but worth looking into.