The Drew Mariani Show November 21st – Hour 2

  • We live in a crazy world and it is essential to pray for it and everyone in it. Even before being American, we are Catholics first and we need to remember that. Let’s pray for more than just our country; let’s pray for the whole world. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet today, especially for those who don’t share the same freedoms and blessings we do.
  • With all the heavy topics of the day, take a break with Drew and Patrick Alog as they play Fact or Fiction. You’ll hear 3 stories; all of them could be true, all of them could be false, or it could be anywhere in between. Are you able to discern what is fact and what is fiction? Play along and test your knowledge.
  • Have you ever received a scam phone call saying that you owe money to the IRS or something of that sort? It is becoming more and more of a common trend here in the United States and some reports say that in the coming years, more than 50% of the phones calls you receive will be robo or scam calls. Always make sure to look into these calls before ever giving any money over to them. Octavio Blanco gives you some perspective on these scam calls as well as ways to tell when the call is real or fake