The Drew Mariani Show November 21st – Hour 3

  • It’s been quite a week with the financial markets!! Are you wondering what to expect in the coming months? That’s why Peter Grandich is here. Drew asks Peter about the state of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. Some analysts are convinced that the value of it might decrease, so should we be relying on gold and other stocks? Peter gives his insight on this, and believes that the market has been overvalued and people have become too risky in what they invest in. We need to have caution going into the “bah-humbug” season, and not believe everything we hear from financial analysts. You can read more of his comments here.
  • Enjoy another Happy Hour with Drew, Wendy, and Jake. Fr. Matthew Spencer also stops by to tell you about a church that was unscathed and not affected by the Camp Fire in Northern California. St. Thomas More in Paradise, CA’s pastor realized that he left the Eucharist inside of the parish, as he was trying to protect his parishioners. The church was found to “still be standing,” even though almost everything else was destroyed. Many believe that the church was spared due to the presence of Jesus still in being the tabernacle; what a wonderful reminder that Jesus is always with us! Hear him share this inspiring story, as well as a discussion about your favorite Thanksgiving foods! Drew admits that he doesn’t like pumpkin pie; find out why!