The Drew Mariani Show November 22nd – Hour 1

  • There are certainly a lot of tragedies in our nation right now. There’s the Camp Fire that has destroyed Paradise, CA. Deacon Ray Helgeson serves at St. Thomas More in that town, and he shares a very moving account on what he has witnessed, and how he and others continue to cling to hope in this difficult time.
  • There was also a shooting on the South Side of Chicago yesterday at Mercy Hospital. The shooter killed his ex-fiance, as well as a random woman who had nothing to do with the altercation, and a police officer was also shot. It was not only this murder in the news though; shootings in MO and Philadelphia were just some of the others. Wendy Wiese, our network news director, stops by to provide an update on some of these sad stories, and we play audio from Msgr Stuart Swetland reflecting on this violence. He says that there is obviously a demonic spirit behind these shootings, and we need to be honest about the enemy’s involvement.
  • Also, Dr. Karin Oberg joins Drew to report on a possible UFO that was supposedly spotted in Ireland.