The Drew Mariani Show November 5th – Hour 1

  • Should bishops be held accountable for the sex abuse scandal that happened in Pennsylvania? What would it mean for the Church? Would it lead to healing for families and victims? The Boston Globe and Philadelphia Inquirer both wrote pieces on the Church sex abuse scandal placing blame on the bishops and saying they should be held accountable for what happened and their failure to act to protect the victims. Many think this is a good idea, so what do you think? How can the Church handle this issue while at the same time move forward? Dr. Matthew Bunson breaks down the articles written and lets you know how he feels the Church can move forward, while still doing the right thing.
  • What is to blame for the Church sex abuse scandal? Is it the fact that priests take a vow of celibacy before becoming a priest? Is it a homosexual problem, or is it something totally different? When the John Jay report was released back in 2002, the findings seemed to support the idea that it was a homosexual problem within the seminaries. Many seem to believe that we are seeing a similar trend with the Pennsylvanian Grand Jury report. So what is the cause? Father Paul Sullins has done some research on the topic and shares with you what he thinks the problem is.