The Drew Mariani Show November 7th – Hour 1

  • Well, we all woke up today. The results of the election did not end the world as some might have thought it would. The good news? No more political ads for a while. So how did the elections turn out? Democrats took back the House of Representatives but Republicans held the Senate and even picked up a few seats. So what does this mean for President Trump moving forward now that Democrats hold the House? Will Democrats move against the President or will they try to work with him? And what does this election mean for the 2020 Presidential election? Dr. Gerard Lameiro keeps you up to date on the election results and gives you his insight on how these changes will affect the country moving forward as well as what these elections might mean for 2020 elections.
  • A sacramental seems to be a very misunderstood part of the Catholic faith. So what is a sacramental? Well the Baltimore Catechism says “A sacramental is anything set apart or blessed by the Church to excite good thoughts and to increase devotion, and through these movements of the heart to remit venial sin.” Does that make it more clear what they are? For some it might, but if it doesn’t, some examples of a sacramental are holy water, the rosary, crucifixes, medals and more. So why do we have sacramentals then? Dr. Mark Miravalle discusses why the Church has sacramentals and how they can help you along your faith journey.