The Drew Mariani Show November 7th – Hour 2

  • Now that the midterm elections are over, we have new leaders in our country, and regardless of where they stand on issues, all of our leaders need our prayers. If they are pro-choice, they need your prayers that they might see the value of life. If they are pro-life, they need your prayers to be brave enough to stand up for that belief and help others see the value of life. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet today for all of our current and new leaders in our country and pray they might do the will of God while serving our country.
  • Do you know the story of the Infant of Prague? Many people have a special devotion to the Infant of Prague. So what is the story? Well as it is told it originated with the Carmelites in the city of Prague, Bohemia, at the start of the seventeenth century. Princess Polyxenia of Lobkowitz had received as a wedding gift from her mother a statue of the Divine Child, previously brought from Spain. It represented the infant Jesus dressed in royal robes and wearing a king’s crown. That is just the beginning of the story but don’t worry, Drew shares the rest of the story with you and why so many people carry a devotion to the infant, including Drew himself.