The Drew Mariani Show November 7th – Hour 3

  • The midterms have come and gone and we can all agree that we are just happy to no longer see and hear political ads. But what were the outcomes of the elections? Democrats took back the House of Representatives while Republicans maintained control of the Senate. Democrats promised a blue wave to take control of Congress, and while they took control of the House, how much of their blue wave did they accomplish? Many people think that Democrats didn’t come close to what they expected to achieve. So even though Republicans lost the House, did they still come out on top, or did Democrats take the win? Who gained more? Who lost the most? What does this mean moving forward to the presidential election in 2020? Dr. Paul Kengor gives you insight on the elections.
  • Drew picks up again on the Infant of Prague and devotion to him. He shares stories with you about his devotion to the Infant of Prague and it changed his life. He was in a tough time financially, and so much was being taken away. Yet God provided miraculously for him and he credits the Infant of Prague.