The Drew Mariani Show November 8th – Hour 1

  • Do you remember the HHS mandate from the Obama administration? It was the highly controversial mandate that forced employers to provide as part of health insurance to cover the cost of contraception, including orders and ministries such as The Little Sisters of Poor and Relevant Radio. You might be asking how, or why, Catholic organizations would offer contraception? Well the reality is they don’t, but this mandate forced them to. Lawsuits were filed and finally, thanks to the Trump administration, the mandate has been all but removed for religious objectors. This is great news for religious agencies all over the country who will no longer be forced to provide contraception as part of their health insurance. Diana Verm gives you the latest update on the HHS mandate and what to expect moving forward from both sides on this issue.
  • Do you know when the most souls are released from Purgatory? Would you be surprised to hear that it is on Christmas? How do souls get out of Purgatory? Did you know that you can pray for them? What about offering Masses for them? If you don’t know much on the holy souls of Purgatory, then this conversation is for you. Susan Tassone explains to you how you can help these poor souls.