The Drew Mariani Show November 8th – Hour 3

  • What do you say to someone who says there is no God? How do you evangelize to them? Is it even possible to evangelize to someone who is so closed off to God? The answer of course is yes, but how do you do that? How do you have a conversation with a non-believer and bring them closer to Christ? As many of you are aware, this is a very difficult thing to do. Well the first thing you need to know, is your faith. Start small. You won’t be able to learn overnight. But start small and learn the faith. Steve Ray explains how to evangelize to non-believers and he gives you practical examples of how to learn and defend the faith.
  • How has Relevant Radio helped you? We get calls all the time telling us how much they appreciate what we do, and how Relevant Radio has changed their lives. How has Relevant Radio affected your life? In the midst of our pledge drive, we want to hear from you and why Relevant Radio is so important to you.