The Patrick Madrid Show: November 26, 2018 – Hour 1

  • Listener email: David has learned that angels can become human form and help us on earth. He asks for further insight
  • Fr. Rocky comments on the death of Madison Bishop Morlino
  • New lander will add to humans’ long fascination with Mars today
  • Caller: Carol is angry at the hierarchy of the Church for canonizing popes who were not saintly
  • Caller: Abigail asks for help in communicating to her husband. He is never happy and isn’t into the faith.
  • Recommended read: The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur
  • Similar to the Keurig Coffee Maker, the Drinkworks Home Bar uses pods to make cocktails, beer and mixers
  • Caller: Tony was told that Jesus had brothers. Is that true?