A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas, December 6, 2018

On today’s show:

  • Guest: Sohrab Ahmari, author at New York Post, on the passing of His Excellency Bishop Morlino. A bishop who did not compromise on Truth. Comparisons with George Bush, Sr. An anecdote about how former President Bush would ask his barber about foreign policy questions. The need for involvement by the laity in Church work; peoples’ desire and hunger for truth. Sheila comments on the grandeur and the similarities of the funeral services of Bishop Morlino and former President Bush, Sr. The bishop’s participation at an “Authentic Catholic” reform. “We don’t have enough hatred. . . “! William Yolally’s comments on Bishop Morlino’s vocation and early call. A clip from George W. Bush on his father’s legacy. The importance of family.


  • Ed Morrissey, Editor of “Hot Air”. Does a person have to be mean to be in politics? Why is there so much buzz over the passing of George Bush Sr. The friendship between Dana Carvey and George Bush, Sr. Did the present nastiness in politics begin with Donald Trump? The “prudent” President. An absence of undue ego. The distinguished military service record of George Bush, Sr., and his recognition of higher purpose. Political “insiders” vs. politicians who actually listen to their constituents. The electoral mess in North Carolina, and evidence of massive fraud. The massive hack at Facebook, and dodgy business practices at facebook. Is it time for government to step in and regulate the powerful internet giants?