Go Ask Your Father for December 3, 2018

Msgr. Swetland talks about Pope Francis’s December Prayer Intention.

Caller Questions- Is it okay to make announcements before the homily at Mass? Should there be clapping during a song at Mass?

Caller Question- What should I do if I can’t afford the fees associated with getting my marriage blessed?

Caller Question- How can we find a better language to talk to young people about the Gospel?

Caller Question- If you find yourself in mortal sin, but make a perfect act of contrition, can you receive Communion?

Caller Question- How can I explain to my friend the problem of evil, and why God doesn’t strike down those doing tremendous evil?

Caller Question- Why do daily missals not tell us what feast day it is?

Caller Comment- I think people should think that there is a chance for redemption for sinners.

Catechetical Corner- Christ Jesus, Meditator and Fullness of All Revelation.

Caller Question- What are some ways we can engage in conversation with people who have fallen away from the Church?