Go Ask Your Father for December 5, 2018

Guest Host- Fr. John Paul Erickson

Caller Question- How can I help my husband come back to the faith?

Caller Question- Why did God command Moses to kill people, but made one of the Commandments “Thou Shall Not Kill”?

Caller Question- Is the Book of Revelation a call for prayer and repentance?

Caller Question- I am trying to find out more about my faith. Do you have any spiritual reading recommendations?

Email Question- Is it okay if the priest told me to do the Act of Contrition and Penance outside of the Confessional?

Caller Question- Is the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano approved? Why don’t we talk about it more?

Caller Question- Do we use the Memorial Acclamation of “Save us, Savoir of the World” during Advent?

Caller Question- Have you heard of a book by an ex-Satanist who became a Catholic?

Email Question- My family member had a bad experience at Confession, and now does not go back. Is it a mortal sin to not go to Confession at least once a year?

Caller Question- Why does God allow the devil to exist?