St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, December 3, 2018

On today’s show:

  • ‘What is happiness?” Father is struck when he hears confession of teens, they are trying to find happiness. Sin will never give us the happiness we desire. Father Looks at what the world think makes you happy. Harvard University has been following men in the years of 1939-1944. Assessing their level of happiness.
  • Father shares some self-revelation. Father is from San Diego and when the chargers left San Diego he misses the chargers being in San Diego. Philip Rivers is a Catholic who has eight kids and one on the way. His wife became Catholic the day before they got married, they have always been using natural family planning. He has done videos talking about natural family planning, and purity.
  • Father discusses the problem of insomnia. The US army tactic to fall asleep in two minutes. From an older manual, that US soldiers would use to learn to fall asleep.  The technique they were taught was a relaxation technique for some people it does work. There is a danger in associating prayer with sleep. Be careful that you are not training yourself to fall asleep after prayer.
  • Do you still hear things from the old translation that happened about eight years ago. “Lord I am not worth to receive you but my soul will be heal” was the old translation. Father much prefers the newer translation because it is come closely translated. You and I become accustomed to things.  There is growth an appreciation on who Jesus is we know his plan for salvation. We have the benefits of knowing Jesus is God.