The Drew Mariani Show December 12th – Hour 1

  • Are you a fan of the hotel brand Marriott? If so you will want to hear this story. Last week the Chinese hacked a database of the hotel chain that included social security numbers, flight plans for passengers, passport information, credit card numbers, and much more. Over 500 million accounts were breached in the hack. The Chinese government has denied the claims; however, no official word has been given on if they are telling the truth. Dr. Ann Cavoukian gives you the latest on the story and explains how exactly companies such as Marriott have these data breaches.
  • What do you know about the protests in France? Well the citizens have been upset with President Macron over his political policies and leadership over the last few months, especially the most recent gas tax and a failing economy. French citizens have taken to the streets to protest their government. Stan Veuger joins the show to give you the latest update on what is going on in France.
  • Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Juan Diego was on his way to Mass when Mary appeared to him. Juan Diego then went to the bishop to tell him what he saw but he was not believed by him. Juan went back to where Mary had appeared to him and told her what happened. Drew tells you the rest of the story and how this apparition was not just for the people of Mexico, but for the whole world.