The Drew Mariani Show December 12th – Hour 2

  • Life is never easy, but you are never alone in this journey of life. Here at Relevant Radio you have an entire prayer family that will always try to pick you up in the hard times. Prayer is so key to make it though our journey in life. Join in for the Divine Mercy Chaplet for any struggles you might be going through.
  • You might hear so much news every day that sometimes it may feel like ‘information overload.’ Do you ever come across stories that you can’t even imagine are true? Let’s play a game! Fact or Fiction! We give you 3 news stories and it’s your job to decide if you think the stories are true, or if they are fake news.
  • Have you heard of the comedian Jim Gaffigan? He is a Catholic comedian who shared what it was like to open for Pope Francis when he came to Philadelphia back in 2015. Drew shares with you some of the audio and asks you to pray for Jim, because even though he is Catholic, he at one point took his kids to a gay pride parade. Drew and Jake talk about the need to pray for people who are misguided on this issue.