The Drew Mariani Show December 12th – Hour 3

  • Have you heard the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe? Today is the feast day of Our Lady and an important day here for Relevant Radio. The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe was the day that Relevant Radio got its first broadcast license. On this most special day for both the Church and Relevant Radio, Dan Lynch shares with you the story and the impact it has had on his life.
  • Who is Juan Diego? He is the man that Mary appeared to as Our Lady of Guadalupe. But what do you know about him other than Mary appearing to him? Saint Juan Diego was born in 1474 as Cuauhtlatoatzin, a native to Mexico. He became the first Roman Catholic indigenous saint from the Americas. There is so much more about his life that you can hear right here with Dennis Gaetano and Juan Landa as they join the show to tell you the story of Juan Diego. This hour you will also learn about other miracles associated with this devotion, including lacramations, holy glitter, and a post-abortive woman who received miraculous hope.