The Drew Mariani Show December 3rd – Hour 1

  • Many people in the secular world have questioned Pope Francis’ latest statements of homosexuals in the clergy. The pope has said that homosexual clergy should be celibate or leave the priesthood, while going on to say that they should resign instead of living a double life. Many say that his comments are inappropriate and only shed focus on “what’s wrong with the Church.” While there is no teaching that explicitly says homosexuals cannot be in the clergy, for obvious reasons, it is not encouraged. What do you think of the Holy Father’s comments? Dr. Matthew Bunson discusses this and predicts how what he said might impact matters moving forward.
  • Meet the father of a thousand kids. Yes, this man has a thousand kids. Kind of. Ivo van Halen, is a 34-year-old Dutch IT consultant and one of the “thousand” kids. After learning that he was donor-conceived five years ago, he has been looking for his half-siblings on DNA testing sites on the internet. So far he has identified 57 of them in the Netherlands, plus his biological father. But a government agency for donor-conceived people believes that there could be as many as 1000 of them. Could you imagine having a thousand siblings? Father Tad Pacholczyk discusses this strange story and tells you the future implications this could have on society.
  • For this week’s Mercy Monday, hear the story of a man who continued to put off reading The Diary of St. Faustina. He put the book in the backseat of his car telling himself that he would read it later, then his car was stolen. What happened next can only be explained by God. Take a moment to read the story as a reminder of the power of prayer and His providence. Read the full story here.