The Drew Mariani Show December 4th – Hour 1

  • What is God’s mission for you? Do you believe that God has a mission for you? Does the missionary mandate still apply in the world today? Many in the secular world would argue it never did, but we as Christians are called to preach the Gospel. It is not enough to simply live your faith in a personal and private way, but you must go out and teach it to others. The mandate of teaching the Gospel to others is still very much applicable in today’s world, even if it seems hard or impossible. Our Blessed Mother told Sr. Adele that “receiving the Eucharist is not enough; you must teach the faith.” Adam Janke gives simple examples of ways to evangelize to others and explains why the call to share the faith is so important in today’s world.
  • How did you become Catholic? For many of you, that story is as simple as being raised Catholic by your parents. Others have powerful stories of conversion. Either way, we all have a story. Ulf Ekman was a member of a megachurch, and then saw the light and converted to the Catholic Church. Ulf shares his story of conversion and what lead him to see the Catholic Church as the true faith.