The Drew Mariani Show December 5th – Hour 1

  • Yesterday saw a historic drop in the markets. The drop was so bad that some market experts say that the markets haven’t been this bad since the 1970’s. As far as losses are concerned, this isn’t the worst investors have seen, but the market is trending to a historic level of bad. Many different factors have been playing into why the markets have been struggling so much. It is a hard time for investors. Chris Markowski gives you the latest on the markets and what you can do if you are being affected by the struggling markets.
  • Today was the funeral of 41st President of the United States George HW Bush. A President who was well respected, even if people didn’t always agree with him. His son, George W Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, delivered an emotional eulogy at Washington National Cathedral. In a speech that delivered laughter, it also produced tears, as the son said his final good-byes. Regardless of if you agreed with him on policy, we can all agree that losing a father is hard. Listen as we play for you part of George W Bush’s eulogy for his father.
  • You know who is awesome? Phillip Rivers, quarterback of the Los Angles Chargers. He is a superstar in the sport and he is a superstar in his personal life. He is a major figure in the sports world who happens to be a very devout Catholic, and he isn’t shy about it either. Rivers announced before his game against the Steelers this past weekend that he and his wife are expecting their 9th child! He and his wife are so excited to have such a large family, but not everyone in the secular world seems to understand it and since he announced his 9th kid, people have mocked him for having such a large family. Our society doesn’t respect large families and for some odd reason, thinks its strange. Drew takes your calls on what it is like to have a large family. Spoiler alert, people love it!