The Drew Mariani Show December 5th – Hour 2

  • Life is never easy, but you are never alone in this journey of life. Here at Relevant Radio you have an entire prayer family that will always try to pick you up in the hard times. Prayer is so key to make it though our journey in life. Join in for the Divine Mercy Chaplet for any struggles you might be going through.
  • You might hear so much news every day that sometimes it may feel like ‘information overload.’ Do you ever come across stories that you can’t even imagine are true? Let’s play a game! Fact or Fiction! We give you 3 news stories and it’s your job to decide if you think the stories are true, or if they are fake news.
  • This next story might disturb you a little bit. A satanic statue has been put in the Illinois State House. Now the statue is only temporary just like a Nativity scene might be but nonetheless, it is there. State leaders say that bound by the first amendment, as long as tax dollars are not being used for it, to allow the statue to be put up. So is this being done just to be oppose Christians or is it a legitimate thing? Peter Breen joins the show to explain this story to you and lets you know where the line of free speech is drawn.