The Drew Mariani Show December 6th – Hour 1

  • Did you hear that carbon dioxide output is up again this year? That is right, for the second straight year, carbon emissions have gone up, this year by 2.7%. So what can we do to reduce carbon emissions? At Harvard University, they want to geo-engineer clouds to deflect the rays of the sun. So what does this mean for climate change? Is it affecting it? Should we be concerned about the rising emissions? Dr. Roy Spencer gives you the latest on the increase of emissions and what it means for our planet.
  • Some Catholics in California are attempting to consecrate the state to our Mother Mary. This is being done in an effort to combat the sins of the state. So how does this work? What blessing will come from it? Angelo Libutti and Father Michael Gaitley fill you in on what consecration to Mary is and explain the blessings this could bring not only to the state of California, but the United States in general.