The Drew Mariani Show December 6th – Hour 2

  • In our darkest moments and when we feel that God is so far away, there is always light. God is always with us even when it feels like He is not. Jesus will always light the way. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet today if you feel alone or in the dark, and Jesus will find you and walk you to the light.
  • Have you seen movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark? Well in the movie, they go looking for the lost ark of the covenant, and they end up finding it. That’s just a movie though, right? Well yes, but the ark of the covenant might have been found in real life. Archaeologists think they may have found it. If they have, what would that mean for history? What would it mean for our faith? Dr. John Bergsma gives you the latest insight on the possible finding of the ark.