The Drew Mariani Show December 6th – Hour 3

  • Today is the feast day of St. Nicholas, who some confuse with Santa Clause. So who is St. Nicholas? Well he is most well known as a gift giver to children. However he was a great saint of the faith! Another well known moment for St. Nicholas is when he punched a heretic in the face for saying that Jesus was not truly and fully God. So are Santa Clause and St. Nick the same person? What should you as a Catholic teach your kids about Santa Clause? Is it wrong to teach your kids about Santa Clause? Some think it is because it gives into secularism, while others believe that as long as you teach the true faith, it doesn’t really matter. Relevant Radio’s very own Father Richard Simon explains St. Nicholas and Santa Clause and gives parents advice on how to talk to their kids about Santa and Christmas.