The Patrick Madrid Show: December 5, 2018 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Frank asks about the third order Dominican laity
  • Caller: Amy thanks Patrick for discussing the gender topic and shares that she hug out with guys more
  • Listener email: Steve shares that he and his wife forbid their daughter to get a tattoo and planned the consequence if she did
  • Caller: Nubia asks for advice for her daughter who is going to be baptized Catholic but she is concerned about the Godparents chosen
  • Caller: Alfredo is grateful his children can go to a good Catholic school taught by sisters that he guesses Patrick went to for his marriage prep
  • Caller: Amber asks what the church teaches on hermaphrodites
  • Caller: Rebecca shares a story of giving her husband who is not Catholic a miraculous medal, and the God wink that happened afterward