The Patrick Madrid Show: December 6, 2018 – Hour 1

  • PETA wants you to remove ‘speciesism’ from your vocabulary
  • Caller: Stephanie shares her personal story of growing up as a tomboy and marrying a man who she found out later is gay
  • Listener email: Cesar has been letting his aging parents live with him and his family, but would like to kindly ask them to move out. Advice?
  • Caller: Brandon comments on the PETA story
  • Caller: Arlene asks which version of the Bible she should buy
  • Caller: Mary defends PETA and says abusing animals leads to serial killers
  • Listener email: Lori asks for a gift recommendation to give her pastor at Christmas
  • Listener email: Petr asks about NAR – New apostolic reformation and similar movement