The Patrick Madrid Show: December 6, 2018 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Carlin explains how she realized she didn’t confess all her sins so she went back to confession
  • Caller: Sedley asks about the apostolic pardon
  • Caller: Kevin’s grandmother wants to get remarried but not legally or in the Church because she would lose her pension
  • Caller: Vince doesn’t understand why the Apostles Creed was said at the protestant funeral of George Bush
  • Why the misuse of general absolution causes chaos and problems for unsuspecting Catholics
  • Caller: Jason asks why we don’t have much information on Jesus’ childhood or teen years
  • Caller: Nilsa has noticed similarities in the Anglican church to the Catholic church
  • Caller: Regina’s mother-in-law is not Catholic and doesn’t like the church, yet she has Alzheimer’s and receives communion at church