A Closer Look, Sheila Liaugminas, January 16, 2019

Topics ‘What the Sexual Revolution Is & Wrought; ‘One Life’, Whole Life Healing’

  • Jennifer Roback Morse: ‘The Sexual State: How elite ideologies are destroying lives and why the Church was right all along’; healing survivors & culture.
  • Children deserve and need their own parents — that need and entitlement imposes obligations on responsible adults.
  • The attempt to make the body irrelevant/eliminate the connection between sex and babies takes a lot of power; why the state is necessary in implementing the sexual revolution. It’s important for Catholics to identify areas of agreement and to give voice to truth.
  • Kathleen Domingo: OneLife LA; promote the beauty and dignity of every human life; spread vision for a new way of life, catalyst for change and service.
  • OneLife LA offers a wealth of opportunities for event attendees to “leave with a plan” — encouraging folks to come together for the dignity of life amidst everyday needs. We can stand shoulder to shoulder and create a culture of life.
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