A Closer Look, Sheila Liaugminas, January 21, 2019

Topics ‘Abortion as Slavery, Genocide; Shaming as New Puritan Intolerance’

  • Walter Hoye: ‘Black and Pro-Life in America’; embodying the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King; protecting civil & human rights of children in the womb. 
  • #BrothersWeNeedtoTalk trending on social media to help pastors learn how to begin to be pro life in communities of color. The number one reason for rejection of the pro life message: personally post abortive.
  • William McGurn: The shaming of Karen Pence, secular puritans target her for teaching art in Christian school; shutdown neither necessary nor inevitable.
  • Can little groups adhere to their Christian teaching or must they be hunted down and eliminated; it’s not enough for the winners to win, they want their opponents to be crushed; Obergefell decision comments predicted this climate of policing — and we lose as a country because of it.