St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, January 10, 2019

On today’s show;

  • Reminding people of who is Lord: An artist is building the largest statue of Jesus in the whole world in Mexico! At 252 feet, It is going to be taller than the one in Brazil and the one in Poland. It will be a message of faith love hope and peace. Six years ago one of the bishops of the Philippines, people become so concerned about touching the statue that it drives people to push and stampede other people. 600 people were treated, the black Nazarene.
  • Father talks about how to make it easier to pray. He shares how to pray 6 times through your day that might only take 8 minutes through your day. This is a way for starters. He also talks about how to spend quality time with God. Father shares how to be frequent, prompt, and careful in your prayer life.
  • Father gets answers a question from a listener. A young teen 16 years old injected himself with a Bible verse. He ordered $1,300 of genetic material. He programmed into the DNA words from Scripture, he injected himself with DNA representing the words of Scripture. He did this as an expression as how Science and Faith can coexist.
  • Father talks about Luke 4, and about what happened in Jesus’ life. Jesus said no prophet is accepted in his own place he has come to save the whole world. Now the good news becomes difficult for the people to receive when they hear something challenging.