St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, January 16, 2019

On today’s show…

  • It is the season when everyone gets sick. Father talks about how this affects our prayer life. Father received some emails, and messages on twitter. Father discuss the questions asked. Not holding hands during our father. Bishops can petition for norms to change.
  • We are only two weeks into the new year. 80% of new year’s resolutions are forgotten by February. How easy for us it is to lose hope.  We cannot be Christian and be hopeless. Your exercise of hope is within your control. It is strengthened by habit.
  • A professor describes phones as the world’s largest umbilical cord. Father talks about helicopter parents. At what point does parenting become too much? New York times started looking at this, they published, “The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting. Parents are spending much more time and money trying to make their children better.
  • The show comes to an early end today due to a power outage at the Sacramento studio.