St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, January 17, 2019

On today’s show…

  • Father talks about the #fastforlife. There are only two states left who have not joined, Alaska and Vermont. God himself fasted, he gave up the food he could have experience in order to prepare for his public ministry. This is why you and I fast.
  • Abortion carries with it ex communication. This is not only for the mother it is also for the spouse as well as the doctor. In order to revoke an excommunication it has to be taken to a bishop. When it has to do with abortion, almost every bishop has given permission to every priest to take away the excommunication.
  • Father discusses anger. Father talks about a recent study published last month. It is a dyadic daily diary study. They asked a bunch of couples, to keep a diary about their interpersonal relationships. Father sees this happening a lot in relationships, one person will fall into sin and the other person in the relationship falls as well. Father talks about how to break the cycle of anger.
  • Sin itself leads to more sin. When we recognize our weakness we are more careful to rely on him and him alone. When our hearts become hard, we do not receive God’s grace and love into our lives. Our hearts become hardened the more sin there is.