St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, January 21, 2019

On today’s show:

  • Father talks about the walk for life and the walk of indigenous people. He talks about the incident that had happened. A young student from a catholic high school who is a junior, he is face to face with a native American. The native American man was praying for peace while playing his drum. The impression of mass media took a lot of different views.
  • There is so much woundedness in the world. You and I have to stand up and be witnesses for unity and the truth. Father is looking forward to the walk for life in San Francisco. Be aware with the right heart, have a joyful witness.
  • Humans to download their souls into microchips to live forever. The piece is looking at microchip implants inside the people. Father has no comment on the mark of the beast. Father talks about Nature and nurture.  The article talk about cloning DNA makeup as well as all of the past experiences that you have had. Father discusses the way the Catholic church looks at their clergy.
  • Father recommends Father Richard Simon’s show January 21,2019. Clergy have to learn the trust of the faithful. Hebrews five has father thinking about this. Father talks about how he is able to empathize with people at confessional.