The Drew Mariani Show January 10th – Hour 1

  • The government shutdown continues as Democrats and President Trump cannot reach an agreement over the border wall funding. Senate minority leader Church Schumer said that President Trump walked out of their meeting and threw a tantrum because he didn’t get his way. Both the president and Democratic leaders have dug their heels in on this issue and as of right now, it does not look like this shutdown will be ending any time soon. So how should you as a Catholic look at this? Is the president holding the American people hostage with the shutdown or is he simply just trying to get things done? Andrew Malcolm gives you the latest on this issue.
  • The world is filled now with identity politics and it is affecting families. People have gotten divorced over differences in politics and it is a continuing problem. Have you ever gone to a family function and avoided a family member because you know they hold a different political view than you? Families are divided because of politics. So what can we do about it? Stewart Emery walks you through some practical ways to deal with political differences in the family and how to remain civil with your family.