The Drew Mariani Show January 11th – Hour 1

  • Have you heard about New York’s newly proposed abortion bill? The Governor of New York has proposed a state constitutional amendment that would allow for abortion up until the actual birth with no possibility of interference. Yes, you read that right. The state of New York wants to pass a law that would allow an abortion up to the day of birth. This is disgusting and despicable, but really, at this point, are you actually surprised by hearing this news? This is an extreme bill that comes from a country that already has some of the most lenient abortion laws in the world. Dr. Charles Camosy gives you the latest on this horrific bill and gets your reaction to the news.
  • It is unfortunate but our Catholic churches are not immune to the devastation of disasters.  Whether it is from a natural disaster or from man-made incidents, our churches sometimes need to be rebuilt. Father Michael Nixon knows first hand what this is like and joins the show to tell you about it. He gives you ways that you can help out when a church needs to be rebuilt.