The Drew Mariani Show January 15th – Hour 1

  • Have you heard about the controversial new ad from the shaving company Gillette? In their new ad, they have quote “gone after toxic masculinity,” and the ad has gained mixed reviews. The general view from men was that it was pandering and characterized all men as part of the toxic masculinity issue. Others have found it bold and refreshing and they say that we need more of this in the world. What do you think? If you haven’t seen the ad, make sure to check out the link above. Was Gillette right to make this ad and, in a sense, call men out for their behavior, or should they have left this “political” agenda out of their ad? Deacon Harold Durke-Sivers from Immaculate Heart Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon gives you the latest the controversial ad, and he lets you know how he thinks the commercial should have been filmed.
  • Here we go again. The Little Sisters of the Poor once again will have to go to court to protect their religious rights from the federal government and the HHS mandate. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “wasn’t this settled at one point?” Yes it was; a Supreme Court Decision ruled in the Little Sisters’ favor back in 2016. So how is it possible that this is back in court? Adele Keim from Becket Law gives you the latest and explains what these lawsuits could mean for the future of religious freedom.
  • Have you ever doubted in the Lord? Have you ever felt like God is ignoring you and that He doesn’t care? Odds are you have felt this way; we all have. But just because we feel or have felt that way, it doesn’t mean that God isn’t there and that He doesn’t care. God works in His own way, and while it might be hard to believe in Him at times, know that God is always there for you and He hears your prayer. Drew shares with you his doubts that he has had before and takes your calls on times when God has spoken to you in your time of doubt. Also, hear what Fr. Mike Schmitz had to share about trust and conditional love at the SEEK 2019 conference!