The Drew Mariani Show January 21st – Hour 1

  • We are now in day 31 of the government shutdown and over the weekend, Democrats rejected a bill that President Trump sent that would have reopened the government. It seems at this point that both sides are unwilling to move on key points within the spending bill. Both sides are to blame here and you have to be wondering if either side will ever try to come to an agreement with the other. You might also wonder if both sides’ stubbornness will cost them in the upcoming 2020 election. Ed Morrissey of joins the show to give you the latest on the government shutdown.
  • Are you a football fan? Well the NFL season is coming to a close as we just wrapped up Championship weekend; now the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will face off in Super Bowl 53 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in Atlanta. The Patriots open as a 1.5 point favorite over the Rams. Interested in going to the game? Well, cheap tickets are going for just over $3,300, and that doesn’t include travel or hotel. Super Bowl 53 will be played on Sunday, February 3rd, with kickoff coming at 6:30 Eastern Time. Rich Gannon, a former NFL quarterback who played in Super Bowl 37, gives you the story lines to watch leading up to the big game.