Fasting, Sainthood and Married Love on St. Joseph’s Workshop, Feb. 12, 2019

  • Father shares a clip of Chris Pratt, where he talks about doing the Daniel fast. The Daniel fast promotes only eating fruits and vegetables. Chris Pratt did this through his church. Another actor Ellen Page criticized Chris Pratt on twitter, claiming Pratt’s church is anti LGBTQ.
  • What defines us? 35 years ago a philosopher was reflecting on whether it is worth trying to be a saint. Susan Wolf discusses why it is not good to seek perfection in life. Father talks about his views and his response to her ideas of not working towards being perfect.
  • Father gives a big shout out and thanks everyone for the support during our pledge drive. Father tweeted out a picture of a card that his grandmother showed him. His grandmother met his grandfather in second grade and by the 6th grade he sent her a Valentine’s Day card. Father talks about faithfulness within marriages. We are living in a time where people are becoming okay with open relationships.
  • Father’s first assignment as a priest it was in a very poor parish, and one of his tasks was to go around at  night, to lock all of the gates around the church. One of the things the church could not afford was insect control. Father hears sounds and turns on his flash light and the ground is covered in cockroaches. Father talk about places that let people name bugs after their exs and then feed them to animals. Father talks about Genesis.