Father Simon Says for February 13, 2019

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the Garden of Paradise and the Kingdom of Heaven, love and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and how Jesus proves His Divinity in Mark 7.

Email Question- Would it be permitted to make a Confession over the phone in danger of death?

Email Question- Did St. Thomas receive the power to forgive sins in John 20?

Email Question- How can I help my Catholic friend who identifies as “gender queer”?

Caller Question- Did Eve give the fruit to Adam? Did he bite into it as well?

Caller Question- What is the Church’s teaching on cremation?

Caller Comment- You should not think like a fundamentalist about same-sex marriage.

Word of the Day- You shall surely die.

Caller Question- What should I do if someone had their deceased son cremated and keeps his ashes in a cross they wear around their neck?

Caller Question- Can aborted babies be baptized?