Müller, Marriage and Our Lady of Lourdes on St. Joseph’s Workshop, Feb. 11, 2019

Relevant Radio pledge drive update: over the weekend we had more and more people wanting to pledge support and we were able to reach 106 % of our goal. God always provides, and Father gives a big thank you to everyone. Father talks about Pope Benedict the 16th resignation.

World Marriage Day was yesterday! Father talks about the evil one attacking marriage, when he attacks marriage he is also attacking family. We need to focus on the importance of marriage within our society. Our bishops want us to celebrate marriage week from February 7th-14th.

Father talks about understanding Our Lady and the Immaculate Conception. God chose to preserve and save Mary through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. God is outside of time; he sees all of human history taking place in the present. We pray that we embrace the sufferings that God allows in our life.